Our wine cellar is located in the property of Son Roig, this property figure documented in the work done by the Archduke Luis Salvador of Austria dated in 1880 , in those days Son Roig had an area of ​​ 50 hectares. Around 1880 Son Roig conjunction with Can Maó and La Cabana d'en Mayol were the properties of Binissalem producing more wine.

Currently the vineyards of Son Roig has a extension of 24 hectares, the varieties are planted : Manto Negro , Monastrell , Callet , Cabernet Sauvignon , Tempranillo, Macabeo and Moll . We also have other properties in which we cultivate our vineyards.

As wine cellar registered in the DO Binissalem we consider necessary to preserve the native varieties of Mallorca as Manto Negro and Callet for red wines and Moll (prensal) in white wines.

We believe it is possible to more sustainable production , we know that our wines are a true reflection of our land and therefore apply several years organic farming 100 % of our vineyards. In the course of the next year we will open a new line of organic wines offering the customer a product made with a commitment to preserve maximum quality and minimizing human impact on the processes.

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