Our wines are made exclusively with grapes from the vineyards of Son Roig , fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks with temperature control . The aging of our wines takes place in French oak medium toast placed in a rearing chamber throughout the year keeping adequate to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of wines environmental conditions.

Tradition and modernity combine to produce a wine with personality , artisanal procedures are complemented with modern machinery to produce quality wines allow offering consumers a different wine for the palate .

After 46 years of history Antonio Nadal B&V seeks to offer the customer a wine with soul, a wine with personality to forward the commitment, effort and perseverance in a good cause Mr. Antonio Nadal Ros was able to convey and express in their wines. In 1991 the wine Tres Uvas 1989 was awarded "Wine for a decade", considered the best wine of the Mallorcan 80s.

For Antonio Nadal B&V is a pleasure to make wines with grapes of such quality as we harvest in the vineyards of Son Roig, vineyards over 35 years of history in which tradition and modernity combine to get more and more appreciated fruit.

Telf.: 630 914 511